Feature Requests

Daily Email with Attendance Report

Can you provide the option to supply an email to be automatically sent with attendance report?
Suggested by: David (22 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 10 Feb Comments: 1

Report that summarises and compares daily wages percentage and weekly wage %

From the roster, there is the ability to add daily sales which then calculate daily wages percentage % in the daily cost summary at the top of each day. It would be ...
Suggested by: Danni (06 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 22 Nov, '22 Comments: 1
Planned Reporting

Add employee costs to the Rostering & Payroll report.

Can you add the employee costs to the Roster & Payroll report so we can export those costs to csv for budgeting? Would be good to add a % loading feature as well so ...
Suggested by: Keith (17 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 17 Nov, '22 Comments: 1
Under consideration Payroll Reporting Roster